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You may be asking yourself why your company should use outdoor advertising. It’s a great way to reach people where they live, work and play, on the roads they drive on, and the places they walk by during their daily commute to work. It is media that is everywhere, and when used properly, it creates brand new advertising opportunities where they didn’t exist before, ad spaces that can really get peoples attention. It is also the most cost-effective advertising options available according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America Inc.


When comparing outdoor advertising to other advertising mediums: Unlike Television, radio or print advertising, outdoor ads cannot be turned off or discarded. Viewers cannot fast forward through an outdoor ad. As they enter the viewing range of strategically placed displays The ad cannot be altered in any way by the viewing population. With TV, radio, print and the Internet, consumers have the ability to change the channel, fast forward, turn the page or close the browser window. Outdoor is possibly the last place where consumers do not control over the ad space. This gives advertisers unprecedented control over how and where an ad is seen. Outdoor is giving advertisers total control over their ad space while offering unlimited options at a time when other ad media offers so much less control. Many years ago there were 7 television stations and a hand full of radio stations in a given area. That’s just not the case anymore. Channel surfing and the many options offered on the internet has adversely effected the opportunities for individual advertisers to effectively show their products and accurately track the effectiveness of their ads.


As the effectiveness of these other media slips, outdoor is also being seen by a larger and larger audience especially as people spend longer periods of time commuting and away from their homes. More time away from the home can equate to more time in front of out of home media and outdoor advertising.
Media Advantage being one of the largest sign installation and manufacturers of outdoor signage in the nation can not only arrange for your ad space but also provide large format digital printing, large inflatable and fabricated effects, installation and placement services, mobile advertising of all kinds and many other options other outdoor advertising companies can not do in house. This can cut out the middle man in many situations and save you a great deal of money. We are known as the reliable choice due to our commitment to provide our clients with their preferred results.

  • Airport Advertising
  • Banners and Wallscapes
  • Billboards
  • LED / Digital Billboards
  • Building Illumination
  • Bus Advertising
  • Cinema Ads
  • Commuter Rail
  • Electronic Signs
  • Gas Station Displays
  • Hotel Campaigns
  • Inflatables
  • Mall Displays
  • Mobile Billboards
  • Mobile Projections
  • Pizza Box Ads
  • Political Campaigns
  • Rotary Billboards
  • Scooter Caravan
  • s
  • Segway Ads
  • Sports Marketing
  • Street Teams
  • Taxi Advertising
  • Text Messaging
  • Transit Shelters
  • Truckside Ads
  • Video Display Vehicles
  • Walking Billboards
  • Wrapped Smart Cars
  • Bicycle Advertising
  • Wrapped Vehicles
  • Installation and
  • Placement Services

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